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The company started its activity in June 2016. During this period we have reached an international level of cooperation with the major Customers of Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Europe, the United States and the Middle East. We have established ourselves among professional linguists as a reliable employer.
Team of players of the "Major League" professionally and qualitatively will solve any of your problems.
Addressing to us, you get a reliable support of your business!


    There is a quantity that is in the quality, but there is a quality that is not limited to quantity.


    The best craftsmen work for us.


    Qualitatively and fast as at the "Pit stop" in "F1"!


    Loyalty is the best way to open the path to the client's heart.

Translation written

  • Medical

    Translation of certificates, doctor's reports, test results, discharge letters, patient histories, laboratory studies, epicrisis, protocols of operations, opinions, medical prescriptions.

  • Technical

    Technical translation is the translation of technical documents, scientific and technical literature, technical articles, drawings, regulations, technical instructions or other documents.

  • Legal

    This is the translation of the constituent documents (Charts and/or Memorandums of Association of a legal entity), treaties, contracts, agreements, legal, accounting and tender documents.

  • Literary translation

    This is the most creative course of translation. As a rule, knowledge of highly specialized terminology is not required for the translation of fiction, but it is necessary to have great skills in the turning of phrases, as well as an excellent feeling for language.


  • Transcription

    Сommon examples: telephone conversations, seminars/webinars, interviews, audio podcasts, TV shows.

  • Rewriting

    Rewriting - is an editing of original text materials for the purpose of their further use. Unlike copywriting, already written text, which is written in own words, while maintaining the semantic load is taken as the basis. Specialists in the lexical modification of the original texts are called rewriters

  • Copywriting

    Copywriting - is a professional activity connected with writing advertising and presentation texts. All texts that directly or indirectly promote or popularize the product, company, service, person or idea can be considered as such texts.

  • Proofreading by a native speaker

    Sometimes it is necessary to make translation easy for understanding by the native speaker, the country's representative for whom the text is translated.


"Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten"
The quality (things) are remembered even when the price has been forgotten long ago

Translation written

Starting with 0,3 (Euro) per word


Starting with 10 (Euro) per hour


Starting with 0,02 (Euro) per word

Rewriting end copywriting

Starting with 0,04 (Euro) per word